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Digital Twin Solutions

We digitisite your assets including plants and equipment for use in training, operations, maintenance and planning.

Turnaround Management Solutions

We enable your digital twins into intelligent twins in a collaborative environment for Turnaround Management

Capacity Building &
Turnkey Solutions

We empower your organisation with latest 3D and Digital Twins technologies.


We create
digital twins solutions for all your needs!

Digital Twins help organizations to perform training in replica of real environment, conduct troubleshooting and predictive maintenance, which in the long-run, can help reduce costs, monitor assets, reduce downtime, and create entirely new products.


Our Digital Twins Solutions!

From conceptualisation, visualisation, interactions, integration, deployment & evaluation.

Level 1 – Virtual Twins

The Level 1 twin is a physically accurate realistic digital representation of an asset, facility, or product that emulates its real-world counterpart. 

Level 2 – Smart Twins

The Level 2 twin integrates process animation sequences, technical information and documentation.
Leverages on gamification for learning, familiarization and operational scenarios. 

Level 3 – Intelligent Twins 

The Level 3 Twin integrates real-time and right-time data and artificial intelligence to provide insights into the performance of an asset at specific points in time. 
Leverage on data to predict outcome and facilitate troubleshooting.
Supports Turnaround Managemnet Planning and Execution.



These are samples of some of our work for various organisations.

Virtual Emulation Tools

Developed virtual reality contents for Occidental Oman 

3D E-Learning Modules

Developed digital twins 3D applications for ADNOC Onshore

Work at Height (HSE)

Developed HSE content for North Oil Company on VR

LNG Process 

VR Content for Oman LNG

Engineering Training

Developed virtual reality contents for Petroluem Development Oman

Virtual Reality Application

Developed virtual reality contents for BPO 

Gas Skid Calibration

Developed virtual reality contents for

OQ Gas Network 

HSE VR Contents

Developed virtual reality contents for PDO

H2S Awareness Training

Confined Space Training

Safety Applications

Developed  Desert Driving Simulation

 for Occidental Oman 

Capacity Building

We empower youth with the skills and knowledge to be an enterprise metaverse technopreneur. Through an intensive course and on-job-training, they will be ready to develop the applications.

Turnkey Solutions

We select the most suitable virtual reality equipment and layout to meet your needs. 

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