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With a range of clients across various sectors such as education, aerospace/defense, government, industrial, and medical sector,
we have gained a multitude of skills and experiences to deliver products and services with flying colors.

Digital Content Development Project

Digital Content Development

20+ Years Experience

We develop with passion each of our digital media content and solutions to meet every need; for training, operations, education and edutainment.

The following are some of the examples of the contents developed. It is not exhaustive as some clients such as the military are particular about security and we are not able to use any of the content for advertisement or marketing purposes.

  • Electronic Maintenance Tools
  • Industrial Emulators
  • Education and eLearning Objects
  • Advertising, Marketing and Print

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3D Visualisation & Virtual Reality Technologies

6+ Years Experience

We develop custom 3D visualisation using virtual reality technologies to meet your every need. Being platform independent, we customise each application to suit the requirements.

  • Competency-based training with assessment
  • Operational readiness
  • Scenario planning
  • Site visualization and planning
  • Marketing, promotion and awareness activities

Immersive Technologies - Develop once and publish for various display formats.

  • Large Screen Virtual Reality Solutions
  • Touch-screen application
  • Oculus
  • Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices
  • Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard

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3D Visualisation & Virtual Reality Technologies Project

Consultancy & Specialised Projects

10+ Years Experience

Years of experience in Training and Development, Knowledge Management combined with in-depth local knowledge, give ASM Technologies an edge on various consultancies and specialised projects from the Government. Some of the projects were implemented at National Level and others won international awards for the sultanate. Our Consultancy services and specialised projects offering include:

  • Training Development
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Instructional Design
  • Strategic Master Planning
  • Specialised Survey and Reporting
  • Report writing for international journals and publications

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Consultancy & Specialised Projects Project

ASM helps us to visualize BP Oman tight gas extraction process effectively and efficiency.

BP Oman

By equipping people with the right tools we actively empower them to pursue their future aspirations; in this case our participants are acquiring specialized knowledge that will support their growth as entrepreneurs and professional applicants within the global digital media industry.

Elias Tang, SAS Center for Virtual Re

The key concept for the success of the digital media sector lies in the creation of technoprenuers who are capable of delivering high quality digital media contents in 3D animation, videos, and contents for immersive displays as well as mobile devices.

Mr Fawzi Harrassy, the Executive, Teejan

Future-Proof Solutions

Being platform agnostic, our solutions are built to meet each client’s future needs effectively and efficiency.

High-Quality Guaranteed

We provide a holistic and comprehensive digital media and immersive technologies solutions to meet every client’s needs and requirements.

Unlimited Possibilites

Through our specialised needs analysis, we develop what you need to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.