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Enhanced Oil Recovery Application

The Mechanical Vapor Compressor (MVC) is water desalination plant used to recycle contaminated water into distilled water for use in the oil extraction process. The MVC system contains complex mechanical, chemical and process engineering.

For the MVC system, the team developed the models using 3D max and integrated the models into Unity for animation and interactivity.

There are 3 main modules in the final application; Working Principles of the MVC, Main equipment and vessels and Troubleshooting.

An overview version to show the water flow process is developed for Oculus Rift which provides a summary of the entire process for the new trainees. In this immersive environment, trainees can explore and view the entire environment safely and interactively.

The gas turbine basically converts the energy of a moving stream of fluid either liquid, water, steam or gas into mechanical energy. Turbines are used in the oil field to provide electricity and power for the operations. Similarly training operators and technicians to operate and maintain the turbine package is a daunting task as the system is highly automated and mechanised.

Client: Occidental Oman

Category: Digital Content Development

ASM helps us to visualize BP Oman tight gas extraction process effectively and efficiency.

BP Oman

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